Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I knew they would go nuts.

I told you they would go nuts. I knew that the lamestream media would go batshit over this. I knew that their teeny tiny heads would explode. What I didn't know was how early on Monday morning the attacks would begin.

Appearing on Morning Joe, with Joe Scarborough "correspondent" Andrea Mitchell ridiculed Sarah Palin's use of hand notes during her Tea Party Q. and A. by displaying some hand notes of her own . . .
ANDREA MITCHELL: She went after him on the teleprompter issue, you know, we need more, we need somebody who doesn't, I don't remember the exact words, who doesn't use a teleprompter, gives a great speech and uses a teleprompter. Then it was noted by Gawker that she looked down at her hand during the Q. and A. and that on her hand she had written her top three points: energy and budget cuts and optimism.

So I figured I would do the same thing today, just in case the prompter broke. I had, I knew that I was going to be on with Chuck and Mika. But then I saw Joe that you were over on the Today show, so I figured I had to cross you out and put Chuck in. It's a great deal: if you can put all your policy pronouncements on your hand.Well of course Andrea's palm hasn't seen that much action since the Nixon Administration who is she to talk?


Anonymous said...

Love it. Welcome to the world of blogs!

Spence said...

Baby steps.