Thursday, February 18, 2010

Janeane Garofalo - constant state of anger

Janeane Garofalo was on Rosie O'Donnel's radio show today and big surprise she was spouting off against Republicans and The Tea Party folks. Among some of the gems that Ms. Garofalo spouted were:

"The Republican Party has now morphed into a National Front," the all-white British Party that is often compared to neo-Nazis.

Beyond this, Garofalo repeated her despicable assertion, "The Teabaggers, that is racism, pure and simple."

JANEANE GAROFALO: In the last thirty, forty years, after Watergate, after Vietnam, there was a concerted effort by the right-wing's powers that be in this country, in the military-industrial complex, to make sure that people power couldn't be as effective and that there would not be a Walter Cronkite or a Woodward and Bernstein. [...]

GAROFALO: ...Cheney and Rumsfeld came in with Ford, and they had years and years to make sure [that] what happened. They stole the election of 2000, they stole the election of 2004. That is not tinfoil-hat-time conspiracy. That is just powerful people consolidating power. [It] happens in every country in every era. [...]

GAROFALO: The other face of racism has now really, really come to the fore in this country. The Republican Party has now morphed into a National Front, basically, similar to Britain's Nationalist [sic] Front. The Teabaggers, that is racism, pure and simple...If you cannot see that those so-called Teabaggers are straight-up racist, then you're not paying attention.

Well, well, well, color me surprised (not) This despicable vile little piece of trash makes her bread and butter trashing anyone that even remotely looks conservative. She lives in a perpetual state of paranoia and anger. Believe me, if there was a magic wand that we could wave and make all conservatives go away, she would still be mad at something, because it's her shtick


cnetbuild said...

I love her movies, but can't stand her in real life. I think she might have been hit in the head with a shovel as she was growing up.

Scholar4a said...

She's easy on the eyes and that made her politics tolerable. In a few years she'll resemble the hateful little witch on the outside as she is on the inside.

Anonymous said...

Basically, who the heck cares what she thinks.