Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RIP Captain Phil

I wasn't a huge fan of the Discovery Channel's series the "Deadliest Catch" but I found it a compelling story. Man against the ravages of wind water and ice.

Men who work the Bearing Sea to make a living truly are a breed apart. The don't call it the "Deadliest Catch" for no reason. Each year a handful of the hundreds of sailors who set out from Dutch Harbor, don't make it back home.

When we think of crab fishing in the Bearing Sea, we think of the great danger that Mother Nature might have in store for us, the wind, the water and the extreme cold. Any of these forces of nature if exposed to could kill us. We never think of the dangers that we intentionally cause to ourselves, and for Captain Phil it was not the wind and the water and the cold, it was the 3 packs of Winston's and a gallon of Red Bull.

Godspeed Capt Phil

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cnetbuild said...

I used to live on that show. I was hooked. I'll miss him. :-(