Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fat, drunk and stupid

Oh God, Fat drunk AND Stupid Ed Shultz is at it again. Ed if you would ever sober up, you would make one hell of a caddy

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can the House get this albatross of a bill through?

Speaking about health care, I don't think the House has the votes to pass this albatross of a bill through. The House version barely passed by a simple majority last time 220-215. In order for this flying turd to go through, the House has to gag down the Senate bill. Since the Senate bill passed, the landscape in the House has changed considerably. Jack Murta is at room temperature, Bob Wexler ihas retired, Bart Stupak and Joseph Cao have suddenly grown backbones. All this considered, it still does not include a dozen or so Blue Dog Democrats that are fighting for their political lives. It's going to take one hell of a hail Mary to pull this one out.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Janeane Garofalo - constant state of anger

Janeane Garofalo was on Rosie O'Donnel's radio show today and big surprise she was spouting off against Republicans and The Tea Party folks. Among some of the gems that Ms. Garofalo spouted were:

"The Republican Party has now morphed into a National Front," the all-white British Party that is often compared to neo-Nazis.

Beyond this, Garofalo repeated her despicable assertion, "The Teabaggers, that is racism, pure and simple."

JANEANE GAROFALO: In the last thirty, forty years, after Watergate, after Vietnam, there was a concerted effort by the right-wing's powers that be in this country, in the military-industrial complex, to make sure that people power couldn't be as effective and that there would not be a Walter Cronkite or a Woodward and Bernstein. [...]

GAROFALO: ...Cheney and Rumsfeld came in with Ford, and they had years and years to make sure [that] what happened. They stole the election of 2000, they stole the election of 2004. That is not tinfoil-hat-time conspiracy. That is just powerful people consolidating power. [It] happens in every country in every era. [...]

GAROFALO: The other face of racism has now really, really come to the fore in this country. The Republican Party has now morphed into a National Front, basically, similar to Britain's Nationalist [sic] Front. The Teabaggers, that is racism, pure and simple...If you cannot see that those so-called Teabaggers are straight-up racist, then you're not paying attention.

Well, well, well, color me surprised (not) This despicable vile little piece of trash makes her bread and butter trashing anyone that even remotely looks conservative. She lives in a perpetual state of paranoia and anger. Believe me, if there was a magic wand that we could wave and make all conservatives go away, she would still be mad at something, because it's her shtick

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RIP Captain Phil

I wasn't a huge fan of the Discovery Channel's series the "Deadliest Catch" but I found it a compelling story. Man against the ravages of wind water and ice.

Men who work the Bearing Sea to make a living truly are a breed apart. The don't call it the "Deadliest Catch" for no reason. Each year a handful of the hundreds of sailors who set out from Dutch Harbor, don't make it back home.

When we think of crab fishing in the Bearing Sea, we think of the great danger that Mother Nature might have in store for us, the wind, the water and the extreme cold. Any of these forces of nature if exposed to could kill us. We never think of the dangers that we intentionally cause to ourselves, and for Captain Phil it was not the wind and the water and the cold, it was the 3 packs of Winston's and a gallon of Red Bull.

Godspeed Capt Phil

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I knew they would go nuts.

I told you they would go nuts. I knew that the lamestream media would go batshit over this. I knew that their teeny tiny heads would explode. What I didn't know was how early on Monday morning the attacks would begin.

Appearing on Morning Joe, with Joe Scarborough "correspondent" Andrea Mitchell ridiculed Sarah Palin's use of hand notes during her Tea Party Q. and A. by displaying some hand notes of her own . . .
ANDREA MITCHELL: She went after him on the teleprompter issue, you know, we need more, we need somebody who doesn't, I don't remember the exact words, who doesn't use a teleprompter, gives a great speech and uses a teleprompter. Then it was noted by Gawker that she looked down at her hand during the Q. and A. and that on her hand she had written her top three points: energy and budget cuts and optimism.

So I figured I would do the same thing today, just in case the prompter broke. I had, I knew that I was going to be on with Chuck and Mika. But then I saw Joe that you were over on the Today show, so I figured I had to cross you out and put Chuck in. It's a great deal: if you can put all your policy pronouncements on your hand.Well of course Andrea's palm hasn't seen that much action since the Nixon Administration who is she to talk?

Monday, February 08, 2010

Sarah Palin Pissing off Liberals Gold Medalist

Clearly there is something about this woman that drives the Left completely batshit. After reading all of the vitriol from the Huffington Poat to the Democratic Underground to the Daily Kos, they have become completely unhinged at Sarah Palin's "crib notes"

Perhaps the most shocking of this moonbattery was Andera Mitchell's segment this morning openly mocking Governor Palin use of "prompt's on her hand. Nevermind the fact that Andrea forgot what Governor Palin's quote was or that she used the reputable blog site "gawker" for her source, Andrea was almost incredulous in her tone against Governor Palin.

I don't know what it is, but the left absolutely HATES this woman. The asexual army at the Huffington Post could barely contain themselves with a breathy 4 picture layout of how Governor Palin "cheated" in her speech to the Tea Party Nation on Saturday night. Heads must be exploding over there today.

Of course tonight at MSNBC there will be another series of head explosions from Chris "tingle up my leg" Matthews, Keith "bathtub boy" Olberman and last but not least, the man child, Rachel Maddow. (I don't count Ed Schultz, beacuse no one is watching)

Governor Palin, if making liberals heads explode were an olympic sport, your would be a multiple gold medalist.